yourMD Care Brought Closer
Three Different Plans for All the Right Care

Doctors need yourMD for different reasons, such as differing specialties, practice-size, etc. That’s why we are giving you the choice of three different plans. You can decide between the Explorer, Specialty, or Partner Plans. If you don’t know which one is right for you, please contact us.


Explorer Plan


  • Checkmark Full yourMD Platform
  • Checkmark No Fee eVisits

Partner Plan


  • Checkmark Full yourMD Platform
  • Checkmark Marketing Materials
  • Checkmark Onboarding Patients
  • Checkmark Technical Support
  • Checkmark Fee for eVisit


Pricing patient Patient

A person who is using the app that wants to connect to their doctor through eVisits

Pricing provider Care Provider

A person who is a certified medical professional and wants to connect to their patients through eVisits.

Pricing evisit eVisit

A virtual appointment on yourMD app through text messaging, audio and video calling.

Pricing platform Platform

The entire app including all of its features is called the platform. Sometimes we call it the product.

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How do I Download the App?

yourMD is available through the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and through Google Play for Android devices.

How Much Do I charge?

You can choose the amount to charge your patients for eVisits, but we suggest $50 per eVisit.

How do I start?

Login to the app, and create an account. Once you provide your basic information you can get strated.

How do I Access the Web App?

You can login to the web app by typing in in the URL bar in your web browser.

Can I Use Mobile and Web Apps?

Yes, you can switch between both versions of the app. All of your data will be saved through your account.

How do I Find my Patients?

We help you get your patients setup, and when they sign up, they will use a code that autmatically links to you.

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