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yourMD provides a great opportunity for care providers to offer convenient access for care between care - as a premium non-covered service. We provide customized marketing material for your practice, help you onboard patients and offer technical support. yourMD is offered as a fully managed platform. So, you can focus on providing great care to your patients, and we focus on the technology.

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What if patient questions come right to your phone in the form of a to-do list? Where you can quickly glance at the request details and send a secure text message, make a call or have a video eVisit right from the web or mobile app. Unlike regular cell phone calls, yourMD helps you manage your schedule better. Once you log out from the app, you can set-up the requests to be routed to another provider, or simply notify your patients that you are unavailable.

Enhance Patient Privacy

Patients are increasingly concerned about their privacy and how their health information is handled. Text messages and emails with patients are unsecure, and these applications are not designed for healthcare use. yourMD is designed for healthcare and meets the guidelines set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Our platform encrypts data in both storage and transmission.

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